Want To Book Virtuous Music For Your Next Event? Need A Hook Or Verse For Your New Song?

What type of events does Virtuous do?

Just about any! 

Festivals, meetings, church events, youth events, conferences, birthday parties, weddings, etc 

(It is best to book at-least 3 months in advance to ensure better chances of availability for your date)

We are now requesting a deposit of half the rate to lock in dates. 

Virtuous Rates: 

15 minute (3-4 songs) $150

20 minute - $200

30 minute set $250

45 minute Set $350

1 Hour $400 

2 Hours $800


Virtuous with Live Band Rates:


30 minutes - $450

45 Minutes - $550

1 Hour - $600

2 Hours - $1300

School Appearance (2 songs - Free)

Non-profits and other fundraiser type events (Let’s chat) 

Keep in mind, that these are base rates but Virtuous Music is flexible, and we can work out something reasonable if my rates are out of your budget. The mission is to get the message out there and we do not want money to hinder that from going forth. 


Collaboration Rates:

Hooks: $100

Verse: $150

Both: $225

Please message me with the song concept and when you hope to have the song finished.


Original Commercial/Jingles writing:

We looking forward to serving you for your next event or project.


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