My Story

April 3, 1991 is when my life journey began. My childhood consisted of singing in the youth choir, writing plays and musicals, putting on private concerts for my parents, and dreaming of traveling around the country to sing or act. In 2003, I recorded my first song at a studio in Jacksonville, Florida. The recording experience sparked my song writing and recording career of Virtuous Music.

My content and my sound continues to evolve as I continue to develop and grow as an artist, as a woman, and as a child of God. 

My music ranges from Christian Hip Hop to R&B, Soul, Pop, Alternative and Gospel genres. I enjoy all types of musical sounds, which has heavily influenced the variety of styles you will hear in Virtuous Music.

My hope and dream is to make music that you can dance to, music you can feel, music you can relate to, and music that uplifts and heals the soul.

Glory to God for taking my inner shy girl, and building my confidence as a recording artist to share truth and love to people on and off the stage.

I’m Virtuous and It's my pleasure to bring great sounding, uplifting, and impacting music to you and those you share it with!


Now that you know more about me, I'd love to hear about you and what Virtuous Music track has impacted you most. Or if you would like me to come to your city and be a part of your next event, please send me a message on the contact page. 

Much Love,